• Model: JC-IVC4100


IMC have developed a range of IVC In-Vessel Composters which can seamlessly complete a Food Waste to compost process that eliminates the requirement for landfill waste.

When macerated and dewatered food waste is mixed with compressed sawdust pellets before being emptied into the IVC. The biological process by which the food waste is converted into compost enables all food waste, including raw and cooked meat and fish, to be processed. The composting process reduces the volume of waste material by up to 90% – so one tonne of wet, kitchen food waste is converted into between 20kg and 50kg of compost.


The IVC4100 enables medium sized commercial catering establishments to eliminate food waste disposal costs.

The IVC uses aerobic conditions to enable the bacteria that are naturally present in food waste to decompose the material. This biological process is facilitated by the provision of 5 key elements:- oxygen and heat, supplied by the IVC, control of the moisture content, supplied by the Dewaterer, the reduction in, and consistency of, waste particle size, supplied by the Food Waste Disposer, and the right balance of carbon and nitrogen achieved by the addition of compressed sawdust pellets at the prescribed ratio.

Part no: F75/015
Max Capacity (kg)* 1,305
Capacity volume (cu m) 2.329
Capacity volume (litres) 2,329
No. kgs food waste (dewatered) / week* 250-500
Pellets - weekly max (kg) included in above 50-100
No. tonnes food waste / annum* 13-26
Measurements - IVC
Length x Width x Height (mm) 3960 x 1080 x 1284
Weight – empty (kg) 700
Max weight – full (kg) 2,005
Measurements - hopper
Length x Width x Height (mm) 785 x 800 1284
Loading height (mm) 930
Capacity volume (cu m) 0.052
Capacity volume (litres) 52
Capacity (kg) 40
To ventilation (mm) 110
To drainage (mm) 54
Outlet height (mm) 660
No. of feet 8
Electrical supply & Operation
Voltage range 380-415
Phase (5 wire) supply 3 phase
Frequency (Hz) 50
Amps (max) 10
Decibel (dB) during operation 55
Memory stick capacity (Gigabyte, Gb) 1
Motor – compost cylinder (kW) 0.37
Motor – hopper auger (kW) 0.55
Fan (kW) 0.04
Air Heater (kW) 0.5
Heater blanket - optional (kW) 2
Total (kW) 1.46

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