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  • Model: JC-F62/300
Part No. JC-F62/300 * *Built to Order Only**

    The A4 silver burnishing machine is designed to meet the needs of
    exclusive restaurants and the silver rooms of large hotels. The
    high capacity A4 can burnish over 300 pieces of cutlery quickly,
    efficiently and safely.

    As well as cutlery, the A4 model can clean larger items such as coffee
    pots, champagne buckets, service plates and silver jugs with
    brilliant results.

    The A4 Burnisher features steel balls which roll gently over the items
    being burnished. This results in sparkling silverware with minimum
    effort. Minor scratches are removed in a process which also
    actually hardens the surface and extends the life of the silverware.

    The A4 model is fitted with a rotating drum which can be divided into
    compartments to separate dissimilar items.

  • Power: 230-1-50 at 0.25kW (1/3Hp Motor)
  • Upto 350 pieces of cutlery
  • Size: H910mm W1220mm D710mm
    supplied with:
    • 70kg steel balls
    • 10kg burnishing powder
    • 1kg degreasant
    • Teapot rod - hangs pots by handle to prevent damage
    • Division plates - divides burnisher into sections
    • Magnetic pick-up tool to collect steel balls