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  • Model: JC-F59/500L-Stand

MF5 Lined PEELER With Stand F59/500L with carborundum cylinder liner option for peeling potatoes

A great deal more than just a peeler, this machine is an essential all-rounder in any commercial kitchen. Designed to peel a full load of potatoes or other vegetables in little more than a minute, these versatile, highly efficient units also provide an economical and effective means of carrying out other preparation tasks. The MF Range is available with a wide range of plates, each designed to perform a different function.

Practical features include viewing panel, safety lid, inner door, built-in controls and flexible waste and water inlet arrangements.

In addition to the standard peeling plate, options include a knife plate to give a smoother look to potatoes and carrots. Onions and shallots have
their own special plate. There’s a washing plate for use with summer vegetables. There’s even a plate for cleaning mussels and a salad
spinning basket.

Capacity 5kg
Output 130kg / hr
Motor 0.25kW
Voltage 230-1-50
Fuse Rating - Single Phase 10A
Fuse Rating - Three Phase 5A

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