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Glass and Dishwashers Cleaning solutions for when space is at a premium. Anyone who’s worked back of house in a busy pub or bar knows that space is at a premium and demand for clean glasses is never-ending. For chefs working in busy cafés, keeping up with high footfall during peak serving hours is vital. Investing in high-quality equipment that matches customer numbers is key to ensuring staff don’t end up fighting a losing battle when it comes to staying on top of clean dishes, glasses and crockery. With increasing competition, offering a polished customer experience has never been more important. Every aspect of the guest’s journey needs to be perfected and providing clean glasses and dishes is essential. That’s why we’ve developed a range of compact front-loading warewashers, with variable wash cycles that enables operators to meet demand without taking up space in the kitchen. Even our smallest machine is capable of cleaning up to 180 plates an hour. DUO machines are also fitted with a digital LED display, intuitive colour coded lighting and universally recognised symbols, making them incredibly simple to use, freeing up more time for staff to be front of house, serving customers.

Kromo Pass Through Dishwasher HOOD110 500mm Basket

Important: If you are installing a glass or dishwasher in a hard water area, we recommend you fit a water softener.


Speed-Queen LWS17 Washing Machine

Washing Machine Stainless steel drum Corrosion proof polypropylene pump Working height…

Winterhalter PT-ME Passthrough Dishwasher 500mm Basket

Winterhalter PT-ME Passthrough Dishwasher …

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